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Part of this website will always remain freely available. One of the goals of the fieldarcher organization is to promote and professionalize field archery. I would be silly to lock all the info that would help to reach that goal behind a membership. That being said, we would like to offer additional services to people who help us to reach this goal.

One thing we thought up is to put up a web shop to offer a couple of items to you. CD's from the events we covered, mugs, shirts, patches, pins and other field archery related goods. It helps to get a couple of our future offerings into your living quarters. But that is only a small part of the things we have in mind.

The bigger challenge is that we started an organization that is able to organize additional activities regarding field archery. Things we have in mind are (amongst others) seminars from the people we see as experts in this line of archery, field archery documentation, bus transportation to and from specific field events and discounts for members when buying archery goods. Another thing would be to reform the website and bring the news items in localized versions, instead of just English. We can not organize these things without a certain critical mass. We need enough people that endorse these activities by becoming a member of the organization.

In talks with archers and coaches we also noticed that they would like to see this organization to become the contact with their local archery association. In other words, they would like to see the fieldarcher organization to become their 'local' archery club, affiliated with the national association. Obviously this needs some extra time and effort to put into place. We would need national liaisons that would be able to represent fieldarcher at their respective archery unions. It looks like a sensible thing to do in the future if we would want the fieldarcher organization to become a partner that is able to represent the interests of field archers.

Members have an email address at fieldarcher.org, that is their login name @ fieldarcher.org. The login names are usually "firstname.lastname". We don't offer mailboxes at the site, but will forward the mail, spamfree, to your current mailaddress. That would make it easier to get in touch with your fellow fieldarchers...

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To unlock the additional parts from this website and get access to the member benefits you would have to become a member. The membership fee is for seniors € 40.- annually, a second (or third) family member pays € 30.-. Juniors (archers that are not 18 years of age) can become a member for € 25.- a year.

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