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Sunday 27th


Arrival of Teams
Accreditation at Hotel Gothia Towers
12:00-16:00 Unofficial practice at Lindome archery club

WC Sweden LogoImpression of the day:

Today the unofficial practice was on the program. Although quite a few archers showed up, we are by far from complete. The Dutch did not arrive on Sunday afternoon, and the same goes for the Germans, Belgians, Croatians and all the other teams we left out. We understood that the Croatians did arrive, but their bows did not... The whole team was able to pick up their luggage from the conveyer belt, and waited in vain for the bows to be spit out from that belt at the airport. Evidently the bows have ended up in Munich, and they may or may not make their way to Sweden on Sunday night. Oh boy. And there was another unfortunate archer that suffered from the infamous airline baggage eating monster: Dave Cousins shipped both his bows in a case that was wrapped by a nice cover with labels all over the place. And the conveyer belt in Göteborg just coughed up the cover… not the case holding the bows. Given the fact the case did not have any labeling at all, I am afraid the luggagemonster will never let loose of this case. Dave was helped out by team mate Darin Cooper. He provided his spare bow to Dave and he was tuning this spare bow for his own needs this afternoon at the clubhouse at Lindome BK. Did I mention before it is a beautiful clubhouse? It is a dry place too, which was quite convenient this afternoon. It rained quite a bit, so it was hard to make pictures. And a lot of the video material Reinier made was coming from the roofed barbeque place I told about earlier. I also have good memories about Hans van Hout who was helping out in Slovenia and suffered from the same rain problem during the time he took pictures at the European finals. His conditions with 4 degrees Celsius and horizontal rain were even worse. Hans, we miss you :)

Rain is not the right word for the downpour we experienced here late in the afternoon in Göteborg. The heavens opened and wept like Niagra Falls. A roof from a mall in town collapsed from the weight of the rain on the roof. Water was coming out of the gutters next to the street. Traffic was not able to make it into town since highways were closed because of the amount of rain. We saw a manhole lid floating with a fountain of water under it. People on bikes could not make it through an underpass, because of the water being waist deep halfway in that tunnel. A shopkeeper having storage on the lower floor tied crates on his shoes to unplug the drainage in his storage. He kept his feet barely dry. It is good we know our way around the hotel, since you could not tell where to road stopped and the river started. We spoke with one of the course builders who was about to prepare the training field for the official practice tomorrow. We said we did not envy him because of the task of putting up 24 targets on that field. "Well", he said, "it is just 24 targets on a flat field here. We are also working on the 72 targets on the Gunnebo grounds… Now that is nasty..."

Because of the rain, the opening ceremony might be in danger as well. We heard there were three scenarios for Monday night: the planned outdoor ceremony, or instead an indoor ceremony or the third option to move the ceremony to Tuesday. Our guess is tomorrow is a sunny day with 23 degrees. Well, that is what we ordered anyway.




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