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Saturday 2nd


10.00   Individual finals, 4 targets
11.00   Medal finals, 4 targets

16.00   Medal ceremony

Closing ceremony


Impression of the day: wc sweden logo

Every championship comes to a climax when we reach the finals. I like the finals, not just because we are down to the last 4 top archers in every division, but also because it is an event where you can be on top of everything that is happening on the course. The course itself is quite small. Basically it is two courses with each four targets. A small and compact event with semi finals on the first four targets, and then the finals on the remaining four. If you would like to get a feeling about that course, Reinier walked the course before the event and photographed the targets.

I liked the 'downhill' shot in the course at target 7. A maximum distance bunny shot (15 or 20 meter) from the balcony at the first floor of our makeshift office. We noticed the same organizers' eye for detail we mentioned in an earlier report. The targets were clearly colored blue and red and had descriptive texts that emphasized which target was the barebow target and which one the recurve and compound one. In a similar setup like this, at the World Games in Duisburg, a recurve archer took the barebow target by mistake and scored a miss because of it. The archers here had the texts, colors and even an oral instruction by the judges.

I feel sorry for those that have to shoot the bronze medal match. The problem here is that one is competing for a medal or nothing. Well, FITA awards a certificate for those reaching the fourth place. Those that shoot the gold medal match have less stress in my opinion. They already have a medal. And silver is fine, gold is even better. To me, it seems a much more comfortable starting point.

I think at this elite level, archery is 10 percent a case of skill and equipment, and 90 percent a matter of keeping your head straight, a mental game. And some people are better at it then others. I have seen Frangilli struggling with it during past events. This time however he was able to keep his head cool at the last target. For some people it is helpful to suppress emotions during the match. When the match is concluded, it looks like all emotions from the past three hours need to come out. It is interesting to observe the different ways the athletes are coping with the stress and learn about the different strategies being used.

The end of the tournament is also the time to look back. I am typing this while traveling home and looking back to the past event sort of extends it with a few hours, reminiscing. I liked the courses, they were more difficult to shoot then the ones in previous events, but to me (and I understood also quite a few of the archers) we could do with more extreme shots. Not that it should be a serious workout to walk the course, but to have more targets where experience in field archery is important for a competitor. The effect is that if someone has dropped a point, he has a chance to catch up because he is an experienced field archer and knows better how to deal with these kinds of extreme shots. I also think that course builders could leave out the 60 cm face at 20 meter. It is too easy for the recurve and compound archers competing at this level. I think they all would like to see to have that target on a longer distance and adding another opportunity to prevent people from making a perfect round.

All in all, I enjoyed a very nice and well organized World Field Archery Championships and think you should take a look yourself at the next opportunity to visit a major event. See you there!




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