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Friday 1st


Gunnebo Castle and Gardens
10.00 - 12.00 ? Teams 1/4-finals, 8 targets
13.00 - 14.00 ? Teams 1/2-finals, 4 targets
14.00 - 15.00 ? Teams Medal finals, 4 targets
                       (All marked distances)

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The team matches from today are a bit of a Russian roulette. The teams consist of a barebow, recurve and compound archer, and each archer shoots one arrow at the target. All targets are on known distances so that would not pose an extra problem to the archers. Although there were not as many spectators, it is always something special when people gather behind the three representing countrymen and root for their country. Picking sides, that is what is about. It is not about individual archers that we admire for their quality, style or finesse, regardless what country they are from. It is about the Dutch that count (but failed), or the Austrians (that did not make it) or just pick any appropriate country to cheer for.

As a barebow archer myself, I liked seeing Mark Applegate winning the gold with the US mens team. He has been at quite a few of these World Championship events, and you almost regard him as part of the inventory. And yesterday, he was 'in the zone'. He shot as the last men from the team and I asked afterwards what determined that shooting order. He told me that the pressure on him would be the same if he would start at the target, or would should the last arrow on it. It is only one arrow that counts, and it has to be good. So why did Applegate shoot last? Mark explained that he thought recurve archer Vic Wunderle and compound archer Dave Cousins would be helped with a clear spot. And the chances both Vic and Mark being bothered by an arrow already in there are higher then Mark's chances. Mark proudly wore his medal in the hotel lobby in the evening and lit the room up with a radiant smile that made people grab for their sunscreen lotion.

We would like to congratulate the winning teams, and also to get back to business. The finals. Tomorrow. In Trädgårdsföreningen. I hope you are able to be at the premises. I expect a nerve wrecking conclusion to this tournament and am glad I am able to see it live.




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