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Wednesday 30th


Gunnebo Castle and Gardens
10.00 2nd qualification round 24 targets
         marked or unmarked distances

Impression of the day:

The qualification for the concluding part is basically a two day field, with one day of known targets and one day with marked targets. Some divisions shot their second day marked, others unmarked, as I explained in yesterdays report. What I did not tell you is that the course builders are horny little devils with a love for the sport. The buttress size is proportional to the face size that will be used upon it. At quite a lot of fields you could guess the size of the face that is on it, by comparing the face with the buttress that it has been pinned on. Not here. It has the same proportion. The buttresses being used for 80 cm faces are bigger then the ones for the 60 cm faces. Another trick that can be used when determining if a face size is 60 cm or 80 cm, is to check the amount of white around it. On the face itself, the amount of white on a 60 cm face and an 80 cm face is different. Not here. The same horny little devils used a pair of scissors on a few of them in the field to create the same proportions on them, according to an archer. I have not personally seen it, but I am bound to believe it. It is details like these that typify the organization here in Sweden. Thorough, with eye for detail. Although some archers complained the course was easy to shoot, it is still one of the most challenging we have seen in the European and World Championships. Most organizers are very cautious to put up steep angles and the like, since bad weather might endanger the competition. If archers literally drop out of the course, team captains might take aim at the organizers. And they have bows lying all around…

The weather today was excellent for field archery. Dry conditions here in Göteborg, and not too warm to make the actual shooting a sweaty experience. And while you still have to be fit to traverse the course, it was not like one has to put on spikes and a mountaineering license to go from target to target.

I already told Dave Cousins lost both his bows thanks to the luggage monsters at the airport, so he is shooting the championships with the spare bow from Darin Cooper. Hats of for the perfect 360 in the unknown course yesterday, and we would have liked to see a similar stunt as during the world games, a perfect score over two days. No such luck for Cousins however, he shot a very respectable second day, but not a perfect score during these Worlds. In the know course he dropped a point at one of the targets, and when starting on another target he did not change his sight and hit a one. So, he dropped five points in total over two days. The cut for the next round at compound men was at 710. A staggering 10 points more then the previous event. So Ruben Ochoa from Mexico, shooting a personal best here with 700 points (great timing to shoot a personal best) did not make the cut. Uros Kricka from Slovenia, with 709 points, a score most compound archers dream about, ditto. Uros was disappointed since he told us he made too many mistakes in the field. And mistakes prevent you to continue the tournament here in Sweden. Well, at least in the Compound Men division.




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