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Monday 28th


10.00 - 12.00 Official practice at Lindome arch.club
13.00 - 15.00 Official practice at Lindome arch.club
16.00            Team captain meeting at Gothia Towers
18.00 - 20.00 Opening ceremony at Trädgårdsföreningen

Impression of the day:wc sweden logo

On the program today was the official training and the equipment inspection. So, what is an equipment inspection? The judges check the equipment to make sure it complies with the FITA rules, so the bow, sight or the tab does not have something on it that could be used for sighting. The judges check your binoculars, that names are on the arrows and well, basically they turn the archers upside down to make sure they don't cheat.

We predicted 24 targets on the field today to shoot all distances, yet the organization in Sweden is better safe than sorry. We counted 41 buttresses at the training field outside the Lindome archery club. Furthermore, the inspection was country by country alphabetically so most of the archers decided to come only for the morning or the afternoon. That sure cleared up space on the shooting line. The Croatian coach was a happy man, since he was able to pick up the team bows at the airport. He did not wait for the airline to send it to the hotel, but picked them up himself. Which was actually quite smart, since one bow case was at the airport in the bathroom, two where talking to an abandoned trolley, two where chasing each other on an empty conveyer belt and one was at the luggage handling department. Well, sort of. The Belgian team did not get their entire luggage and missed among other things the arrows for Gladys Willems, and a bag for Francis Noteboom so they were not able to show up at the morning session. Luckily everything was sorted out before the afternoon session started and they made it in time to get to the material inspection and even managed to shoot a couple of test rounds.

The material inspection was rather uneventful. We showed the barebow tab of on of the archers on video yesterday and raised the pop quiz: would it fit within the rules? Since rule number from the 2004 rulebook disappeared from the 2006 edition, it no longer explicitly forbids unsymmetrical stitching, or the type of marks the archer had put on his bow. The judges still rejected his tab because of the fact (if I understood correctly) it did not comply with rule the anchor plate is there for the purpose of anchoring. I think the archer had a good point and would have made a nice case for the ruling committee, however, he decided to file off the metric scale on his tab and shoot without it. Today's version can be seen here.

Another thing that came to pass was that an archer wanted to bring notes into the field, claiming rule would allow any archer from any division to bring "normal sight marks" into the field. However the judges concluded a barebow archer does not have a sight, and hence, could not bring sight marks into the field.

We also heard a rumor about string silencers being seen as a problem by the judges, but it our opinion they have been submitted on various earlier events without any problem whatsoever and can not imagine they would pose a problem now.




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