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Record scores barebow
We need to set the record straight about records scores in the barebow division.

In the article about the excellent score from Giuseppe Seimandi last June, we published information about record scores in the field archery barebow division. We based our information partly on the list of records scores published by FITA, and that list turns out to be pretty useless. We received email from Erik Jonsson, pointing out the actual record scores achieved in the past, which we managed to confirm. We probably should keep a record list ourselves, with top scores from a marked round, an unmarked round, a mixed marked/unmarked round and the topscore over two days.

Anyways, Erik pointed out that the topscore for an unmarked round in the barebow division is a staggering 351, shot by Mathias Larsson during the European Championships 2001 in ┼Żelezná Ruda, Špicák, Czech Republic, on the second day of the qualification round. We published these results on the old fieldarcher website and although this result is now only available in our archives, Erik is correct indeed.

We claimed in our message the best score for a marked round was 332, shot by Erik Jonsson during the Oslo Open in Norway, in May 2004. Erik says the record score is actually also held by Mathias Larsson, shooting 340 points in Denmark during the 1997 edition of the Nordic open. We could not find published results to back up that claim but we take his word for it. 

The record score over two days is kept by Erik Jonsson: he managed to shoot 676 in Gothenborg, Sweden in 1997 (of which we could not find published results) and also during the Swedish national championships in Rättvik, Sweden in 2003 (link to the published results on the website of the Swedish archery assocation).

So, all in all good news for the Swedes to keep those records in the northern part of Europe, but Giuseppe still shot a heck of a score with 347 (unmarked) and  328 (marked). His total score over the weekend being 675, just one point behind that monster score of 676 by Erik. And to put that achievement of 675 points into complete perspective: the personal best from Mathias Larsson over two days is 673, shot in Gothenborg a couple of years back. All mentioned archers will be present in Bjelovar, Croatia, shooting barebow during the European Championships in August this year.




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