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Monday, August 6th 2007
Official Training and Equipment Inspection 
Photos official training and equipment inspection
Impression of the day: 

Today we had the material inspection and official training in the football stadium from FC Bjelovar. No shade on a sunny day and a bit humid. It was rather crowded indeed on the shooting line as expected. Nothing out of the ordinary happened during the material inspection according to the judges. A few compound bows with one or half a pound more then the allowed 60 pounds draw weight that the archers needed to adjust. One barebow archer brought in a bow that could not fit through the 12.2 centimeter barebow ring according to the regulations. Draško Mihinjač, the course builder here, is also shooting barebow (obviously not during this tournament) and was able to help this archer out.

And eventually everybody showed up today. We had some late arrivals: archers shooting the World Cup and the last Grand Prix in Dover could _just_ make it here for the start of the shoot tomorrow morning. Amongst those archers were Sebastian Rohrberg, Morgan Lundin, Matija Žlender and Lisa Unruh. Sebastian was not happy: one of the stopover airports managed to make his bow disappear. And Lisa was not a happy girl either: she was able to pick up her bowcase, but missed her suitcase. Morgan and Matija had more luck: they not only arrived safe and sound, but received their complete luggage as well. There’s another archer here with a problem: Michele Palumbo's bow did not arrive from the airport earlier this week. According to the luggage handlers his bow is making extra travel time between Milan and Paris and perhaps one day Zagreb airport. These problems asked for some improvisation left and right. Sebastian will be shooting the match with the spare bow from Henning Lüpkemann. Lisa is only missing shirts and shoes and that is just a minor problem. Michele Palumbo is having a serious problem. He is changing glasses when shooting, and the glasses he is using for shooting are in his bowcase as well. The next flight that might have his bow is arriving tomorrow around noon, so unfortunately the chance he is able to compete are next to nil.

And the last thing that needed to be done today was the opening ceremony. A short walk to the city hall from the assembly point (that a few teams had problems finding holding the map specifically crafted for the occasion upside down). Seating was arranged for the archers during the ceremony which was both brief and entertaining. The Croatian, EMAU and tournament flags have been raised here. We're ready. Let's get going.




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