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Tuesday, August 7th 2007 | Print |
1st Qualification Round 
Impression of the day: 
We talked yesterday about Michele Palumbo and his compound bow not showing up and his shooting glasses in his bow case. Today he showed up, giving the course his best try with the spare bow from Alesandro Biagi and his regular glasses. His score of 352 points is a very decent attempt, but the cut will be at the first 16 tomorrow. And 352 is the 23rd place after the first day.

Furthermore, Sebastian Rohrberg did not shoot with the bow from Henning Lüpkemann today like we reported earlier. As it turned out, he missed a couple of pounds on that bow compared to his own (lost) recurve. The Dutchmen Gerard Koonings helped him out offering Sebastian his spare bow. That bow was just two pounds short on draw weight and these two gentlemen have a draw length that is very close to each other. The width of the sight pin on that bow was the same as the one on his beloved bow, so that helped a great deal too with 'estimating' the distance today on the unmarked course. And we witnessed another very decent attempt, scoring 331 points ranking 10th, just one point behind teammate Lüpkemann, the proud sponsor of his chest protector. And Gerard's bows shot 670 points today, individually operated however :)

Before the start of the tournament we had a bit of delay since an old lady wandered into the field curious about the things happening in her precious forest. She was picked up near target 18 and courteously escorted out of the field. And at that same target 18 was a lonely archer. His three fellow archers were lost on the way up to that target and desperately seeking their destination. And when that was sorted out, coursebuilder Draško MihinjaĨ fired a riffle in the air, signaling today's start smiling ear to ear. We have a picture of him doing it, it will be uploaded shortly.

Some impressing scores here today. Giuseppe Seimandi in the barebow division shot two points below his personal best with 345 (and a nice occasion to do it), two compound archers with a perfect round of 360: Morgan Lundin and Niels Baldur, and lots of personal bests. The British team alone counted seven personal bests.

Bad news for the fans of Mathias Larsson. Mathias had a fall about three weeks ago and injured his back. He was having a lot of pain from it today and still managed to shoot 336 points. After coming in, the medical team examined him and weren't all to sure about his condition and transported him to the hospital. They suspected he might have a dislocated disc up in his back and wanted to have him sort that out in a local hospital.

And on a final note, lets tribute some respect to Mikael Roos in the Compound Men Junior division. His excellent score of 357 with 69 fives and 48 X-es would have ranked him 6th in the senior division after one day.

After this first day there was some delay in the score and an error in the score of Axel Langweige. Interestingly enough the French team captain called that error in at the office, only minutes after the German team captain did the same. It is good to see the French take care of the Germans here.

PS: we did not manage to get a video out today. Sorry about that.
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