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Wednesday, August 8th 2007
2nd Qualification Round 
Impression of the day: 
These champions shot the second qualification round today here in beautiful Bjelovar, Croatia. Michele Palumbo's bow showed up yesterday night, so he was shooting with it today. He is still missing part of his belongings so he needed to improvise again today. Sebastian Rohrberg is still missing his bow coming from Dover up here. According to the German Coach some 20.000 pieces of luggage got lost in London after the Worldcup, and to make matters worse, the luggage handling computer system in Zagreb suffered a total break down. The chances Sebastian will be able to shoot with his own bow this week are getting slimmer by the hour.

The old lady we told you about earlier this week, strolling through the woods, was signaled again today. The judges think she might be after the snails in the forest and the archers and judges must be quite bothersome when gathering them. Other then that we had a small holdup at the start, since the Slovenian coach decided to join one of his pupils into the field, which is forbidden at any time. So we started at 10.30 again this morning. Nevertheless, with a marked course like today, archers make a much quicker progress through the field. There are two courses here, one on the left side of the road between the two courses, and one on the right hand side. Archers that shot the left course yesterday shot right hand side today and vice versa. With the pegs replaced and the distances marked at the posts evidently. We did not see any perfect scores in this marked round: both Scandinavian archers that managed to shoot a perfect round yesterday, dropped points today.

We heard about an interesting interpretation of the rules today. An archer wanted to put his arrow down, he pulled it through the clicker, but then the arrow was stuck behind the button. With that little string tension, the arrow released itself, just beyond the point where you could reach it with the bow. The archer then mounted his sight at the end of one of his limbs, and he was able to reach the arrow that way. Being able to reach it with his bow (although not in a correct way fitted) he concluded he could retrieve that arrow and subsequently shot it properly at the target. Unfortunately nobody protested against this incident, since we would have found it interesting to hear a ruling from the judges about this interpretation of the rules.

Kakas István was very happy, improving his personal best with one point today, and making the cut in the barebow men division. Christine Gauthé was not happy with her grouping. According to her, no matter how good she went through her shooting sequence and paid attention to every little detail; it just did not worked out for her today. She was out in the warming up field after the shoot, testing her spare bow for tomorrow since she did make the cut ending 5th today.

The scores were available in the field rather quickly (team captains claiming it to be the fastest ever), but being without internet access on the field is making things a bit complicating in getting the results out to the web with the workload around the results for this tournament on our hands… Anyways, I believe today's result list would tell more interesting stories then this daily report. Congratulations to those who made the cut but also congratulations to those who were here competing for a place in the elimination round. There are not that many archers that can claim they have competed in a European Championship field archery.




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