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Friday, August 10th 2007

Team Finals
Photos Finals


Impression of the day: 

The morning started with a cool welcome for the French team. Hardly any shaking hands this morning. During the finals the French men team experienced the same treatment. No cheering, no audible discontent, a "so-be-it" was the general feeling. The finals today were held in the central park of Bjelovar which has the opportunity our beloved sport can be easily watched by the general public. This park is not the largest of Europe (though claimed the nicest) so some precautions had to be made to make the venue safe. Every target was shooting towards the center of the park, and if you noticed the pavilion on our pictures, that is the center of the park. In order to have safe finals, it was vital that every team started shooting at their target at the same time, and scored their arrows at the same time as well. Only then nothing could happen during an eventual mishap and a roach arrow. The judges came up with a smart idea to get ready for the next round. They yelled in their radio subsequently 'target 1 ready, target 2 ready, et cetera. If the phrase 'target 8 ready' was never announced, apparently the field as a whole was not ready to commence. From a photographers point of view that was excellent. When the signal 'all clear to score' was given, it also mends one could zoom around the place and take pictures everywhere without the risk of being shot.

The only problem of the procedure during the final was if anyone would ignore the roped off areas and enter the unsafe areas in the park, after stepping over the ropes. All shooting at all targets needed to be stopped on such an occasion. A specific alarm signal was agreed upon when that would happen, and it did, but luckily only once. Security guys around the park made sure people would rather not ignore these ropes. People, but not dogs. A stray dog rushed into the course, apparently walking his daily route through the park, ignoring the head judge and his muscle men completely.

It was exciting to watch, and everything being close by kept people able to keep tabs on different targets at once. We were very proud of the Dutch team, beating the German team in the quarter finals. The Germans were kidding afterwards that this was all intent, since they needed to come up with a way to thank Gerard Koonings for borrowing his spare bow to Sebastian Rohrberg during the qualifications.

Our daily videos started to become a problem here. We simply lack the men power to run around with cameras and edit the raw material at the moment. We will videotape shots at the finals tomorrow, but there is ample time to take a shower afterwards before the banquet, let alone edit the material that will come in. We will publish it in any way, but that will be from home. The handling time of photos is much quicker. And with our uplink around the corner of the park, we promise a slew of pictures from the last eight in every division. We can do that. Fact of the matter is, we are looking forward to it.




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