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Fieldarchery and the organization (February 2008)
We are looking forward to an interesting season. A challenging rule change (the inner six), a bit stricter on time (3 minutes) and a season with a World Championships in Wales.

We just closed the books on 2007, financially that is. Fieldarcher.org is not sponsored by any national archery association (although we did get this nice glass vase from the Swedish Archery Association). It is not like we have a huge budget, other than that what members bring in and the money we put in the foundation ourselves. Ourselves? Yes, we closed last year with a small loss, and guess who is balancing the books again… So, it is not like we make money from this website, it is rather the opposite.

It is hard to offer items or services on a shoestring budget, therefore I am quite proud we were able to announce the first of a (hopefully) series of seminars we will be organizing. With help from the Archery Service Center and a group of archers that are just as addicted to field archery as we are, we will cover the basics of field archery in the southern part of Holland (Limburg), on Saturday May 10th this spring. To those that will attend: it is a hands on thing as well, so you better bring a bow that day. The language spoken during that day will be Dutch. However, if enough people are interested in similar sessions, we might consider organizing events like this in other languages and other parts of Europe as well. Meanwhile we need to get this started and within reasonable driving distance Limburg seems like a smart place to begin. The number of participants is limited, so you might want to register yourself or novice club mates early for this event.

We are updating our shop, and adding a payment method (iDEAL) to it, which is convenient for those that use electronic banking with quite a few Dutch banks, and according to the banks pushing the standard, eventually to be a widespread European thing. And another thing is we will localize the shop better in French and Dutch in the coming weeks and need to add seminar attendance to the current offerings. Oh, and we got some additional items planned for the shop. Can't tell… can't tell it yet… Always nice to have a surprise up our long thermo sleeves. Happy shooting!





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