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Saturday, August 30th 2008
Arrival of teams
World Championships Wales 2008
Impression of the day: 

We made our way safely (barely) up to the southern part of Wales. People driving on the wrong side of the road are making traveling here a bit hairy. According to the program, more than 250 archers should arrive here in Pontypridd at Glamorgan University for the World Championships in Wales. Archers are being housed in the campus accommodation. Those are single rooms, grouped together in apartments, which in turn are grouped into blocks. We put a satellite view of the campus area in the album of Saturday which shows where every country is being housed.

Not every country has made its appearance here yet. We miss the Iranians and they might not be able to make it at all. What we have heard is that they had problems with getting their visa sorted, and when that was finally fixed they had troubles getting their flights to the UK arranged. The people we did meet were the Belgians, Chinese (who arrived here a week ago), the Australians (who seemed to be in Europe for about three weeks now), archers from Chinese Taipei, Austrians, the Danes, a handful Americans, the archers from Spain and Slovenia and most of the judges.

We met a few of these archers at the unofficial training that was being held at the grounds of the Pentref Bowman, ehhhr, the place for the qualification rounds also known as Glyncornel Archery Center. At the last World Championships we met two archers from China, but this championship a staggering 20 showed up. And I must admit, they showed some great form during the unofficial practice. We understood they are not that experienced with shooting steep shots. And the course builder, Gerald Farrell is telling us he is proud to have put up some very steep shots in the yellow course. It is already notorious for the angles in it, even before the qualification started. The yellow course is a decent field course, not suitable for target archers. And from what we understood, all recurve archers will shoot that course on day one in the unmarked round, and all compound archers on day two in the marked round.

Tomorrow is the unofficial practice in Ynysangharad War Memorial Park, Pontypridd. We hope to meet some more archers picking up their gear tommorrow.




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