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Thursday, September 4th 2008
2nd qualification day, half course
World Championships Wales 2008
Impression of the day: 

As we wrote yesterday, three new courses have been redesigned from scratch and layed out around the clubhouse of the Pentreff Bowman. It rained quite a bit tonight and this morning. Perfect conditions for bog snorkelling actually, a sport with its World Championships in the dense Waen Rhydd peat bog, near Llanwrtyd Wells in mid Wales, not far from here. Now, this was not bog snorkelling mind you, but field archery, and we tried to have a second day of qualification here in South Wales. We hope to give you in our photo albums a decent impression of the condition of the pathways today. It was hard to get around the course, even with crampons, but luckily most of the courses today were reasonably flat. It was slipping around a hill instead of slipping from a hill, so to speak. Walking rather flat means shooting was rather flat too, just 12 targets, in two shifts, all in all quite an unusual day.

People had a decent idea in advance what walking around the course would be like today, so they did not complain that much. And the archers appreciated the hard work from the course builders to make a second qualification day possible and understood the implications of a soaked field and the restraints on designing something challenging given the situation at hand. One weird thing was an unmarked barebow course in two shifts. It would surprise me if the barebow archers who shot the course in the morning, did not brief the afternoon shift about the course and distances.

We heared that the course builders were active in St Fagans National History Museum, to redesign the original layout for the team finals in a venue where the 8th and quarter finals can be shot. We understood today about 2 inches of water was collected near the bottom parts of the course there, yet with the flash warning of severe weather and the predicted heavy rain for this Friday (50 mm rain or more, with an 80% or greater confidence), we hope the shooting pegs will not submerge. Another challenge would be to keep the intended bus schedule to transport the archers up to the museum. The current schedule states a challenging 30 minute timeframe for the ride from Glamorgan University (where most of the archers sleep) to the museum. Pessimists claim the ride might take a good two hours on bad days.




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