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Thursday, August 20th 2009

Program in Saignes

08:15 - 09:00  warming-up

09:15 calling of the groups

10:00 1st elimination round 12 targets - known distances

14:00 2nd elimination round 12 targets - known disctances

17:00 return of groups 

EC France LogoImpression of the day:

Yesterday night we were dining outside and saw a thunderstorm moving past. We had a few raindrops, and a gust of wind but nothing really out of the ordinary. However, in Currière, just 1300 meters from where we had diner, the tents of the central area where blown over, buttresses toppled over and the FFTA banners on barrier fences sailed over the field. So our "Village de Tentes" became a "Corner of Canvas" in five minutes tops yesterday night. With the lack of tents the shooting material warmed up quite fast and the team captains moved shop towards the tents next to the catering. Shade was again a theme today. Our thermometer said 37 degrees at one time today, and though we are not sure about its accuracy, it sure was a hot day again. The forecast for tomorrow is promising 28 degrees, which would be a welcome change for the Team event in Champagnac itself. New excuses have to be found by the archers in case of a less than perfect delivery of their arrows. We still did not manage to take a peek near the park around the castle there, so we are as curious as the archers who made it to the finals today what it will look like.

One archer ending with the last four is German archer Sven Giesa. Sven came here, expecting to finish the tournament ending around place ten. He said to us he did not train that much lately (always something else on the agenda) and did not have high hopes. However, Giesa is not an inexperienced field archer at all. He competed for instance during the World Championships in Obergürgl in 1998. And he is an avid competitor and very eager to win. Nevertheless, he said he surprised himself ending fourth today after the quarter finals. His teammate Sebastian Rohrberg ended third in this division.

Another surprise today was the elimination of pretty much every French archer here in competition in the senior event, with the exception of Barebow archer Christine Gauthé. So much for the 'homeland advantage' I guess. On the other hand, in the Junior Championships both French archers Raphaël Petit-Minuesa and Lucas le Baut are still in competition, in the Barebow division. And off course we will meet six French archers in the team event.

Well, the results of today would say it all, the nerve wrecking of a shootoff with fast changing wind conditions for the compound men were three archers competed for 1 place in the next round. The thrill of making it to the quarter finals, and the deception of not making it to the semifinals. Tomorrow we have the intermezzo in the form of a Team event, and continue this match next Saturday.




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