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Wednesday, July 14th 2010
1st qualification round
Unmarked targets
World Championships Hungary 2010
Impression of the day: 
Today we shot the first qualification round in Visegrád. The three courses here had either barebow archers, compound archers or recurve archers. Robert photographed the compound course and part of the barebow course, Gerard managed to take pictures at the recurve course. The recurve course was rather flat. I spoke an archer that admitted he had problems keeping focused. The heat was bothering him, but because the targets were not challenging at all, he almost sort of lost interest so he said. The most interesting target was the first target in that course: archers were out in the sun, and the target was positioned in a very dark part of the forrest. It was an 80 cm face, and was easily mistaken for a 60 cm face. Even seasoned archers started with a miss because they fell short.

The barebow archers shot the blue course. It was at times rather difficult to walk, but after a climb or descend, unfortunately a horizontal shot followed. The compound archers on the other hand, had the most challenging course. After target number 10 there were about 8 to 10 challenging shots, up and down the hill. And even in the dry conditions here it was quite slippery at times. It's a good thing we did not have any rain today. Another thing the compound archers complained about was that the standing positions at the pegs were a bit awkward. And because the ground dried up to a sort of concrete like condition, it was merely impossible to flatten the ground at the shooting post.

Another newsworthy fact is that about 12 archers received a time warning written on their scorecards. Not bad for an unmarked round. The judges will however for the first time enforce the rulebook entry that dictates that those timewarnings are valid for the complete stage of the competition. We are in stage one now, and tomorrow is part of that same stage of the competition. Archers that received a written notice today, will carry that with them to tomorrow. Some teamcaptains were not amused an said that it would have been nice if they were informed about this during the first teamcaptain meeting. The judges however say that it is a bit weird to complain about something that is in the rulebook since the beginning of times and will now just be enforced.

Tomorrow the compound archers will shoot the course the recurve archers visited today. The recurve archers will shoot the course the barebowers completed this afternoon and finally, the barebowers will walk the course the compound archers enjoyed today.




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