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Thursday, July 15th 2010
2nd qualification round
Marked targets
World Championships Hungary 2010
Impression of the day: 

In Visegrád, Hungary, we shot the second part of the qualification round, the marked targets. We started the day with overcast and a nice breeze and had our hopes high for a cooler day. No such luck however. While the morning was okay, the afternoon was quite horrific. You break a sweat even standing still in the shade, and I can only imagine what it is like if you need to lay down a top performance. The archers dubbed the three courses: it is either crawling the mountain (the red course were the barebowers were today), visiting mosquito land (the blue course that the recurve archers saw today) or walking the park (the green course that contained the compound archers). And to make it even more confusing, the courses are also called 1, 2 and 3, and in other communications A, B, and C. I keep forgetting in what order that is. I stick with the nicknames the archers chose. The advantage is that you know what to expect if you go out in the field.

I wrote two days ago about a Spanish archer that did not get his bow at the airport. He showed up for the first qualification round, so I expected it had been send to the hotel. I met with the archer today, he is Antonio Alvarez, and he asked me to put a note in the daily report about the fact that the only reason he is shooting this tournament is because Antonio Pompeo from Italy was kind enough to lend him his spare compound bow. He wanted us to let you know that señor Pompeo is one of the kindest archery aficionado's he has ever met. And we hope that somehow Alvarez' bow will surface one day and will be send back to Spain.

I crawled the mountain today with the barebow archers. The footing was quite hard and I found out the hard way that if you sweat enough, mosquito repellant wears off quite nicely. They were all over me at target 23 but Michael Turner was kind enough to replenish a fresh dose. I reckon the problems for the recurve archers in mosquito land were even worse.

There was a delay at the beginning of the day in the crawling the mountain course, since about 30 or so hickers made their way up to target 10. The first group had to wait some 20 minutes before they were able to make the 50 meter 40 degrees downhill shot. This delay bothered the other barebow archers enough to cause a pileup of archers at that target during the rest of the day. The view on the river there at target 9 and 10 was beautiful however, it was nothing like being stuck on the M4 during rush hour. I only brought a 70-200 lens into the field and it is hard to capture the scene with that lens.

And finally a word from the chairman of the judges. Archers have a three minute timeslot to deliver their arrows, but the three minutes start as soon as the peg becomes available (however I think that is up to some debate for the first pair), but especially when the first pair of a group leaves the peg. The three minutes for the second pair start as soon as the first pair leaves the peg. Just so you know if you are timing yourself in a field.







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