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Results Individual Finals WC Hungary

Here are all the results from the Individual Finals.

Today the individual finals are taking place in the Visegrad Castle on the same targets as for the team events yesterday. World Archery commentator George TEKMITCHOV gave us some technical insights on the targets today (below). To note as well, the athletes shoot simultaneously during individual finals. They shoot three arrows per target and can earn a maximum of six points per arrow. Each match will be shot after the previous one is completed.

Last but not least, it rained during the night in Visegrad and the sky was really clouded today. Hence, the temperature fell from above 30 degrees to a comfortable 17 degrees Celsius.

Target 1
The first target is set up at 40 metres for barebow / 45 metres for recurve and compound with a 60cm target face. All distances are known to the archers. However, the target is set up a high (shooting high) angle of about 35 degrees. This required the archers to calculate a cut from the distances (using trigonometry principles-it would be the same process if the archers would have to shoot low).

Target 2
The second target was at 10m or 15m (again depending if the archers is a barebow or a recurve/compound). The face is 20cm called a birdy or bunny. It has also a high angle, but it is a pretty usual one. This target is no too challenging, but requires precise shooting and tuning.

Target 3
The third target is at 20m / 25m with a 40cm face. This is the maximum distance for a 40cm face. Again shooting high and again a precision shot.

Target 4
The last target is a difficult one. It is at 50m / 60m with an 80cm face. The high angle is about 25 degrees. The main challenge is that there is a side hill effect that is more difficult to pick-up visually to calculate the cut in meters. At this distance today the wind was more of an issue as the weather changed from the rest of the week. It will be a swirling wind in the venue (a bit more wind up by the targets than in the ground).

Source FITA

Barebow Junior Men            
  Raphaël Petit Minuesa   FRA   47   GOLD
  Kalle Puman   SWE   46   SILVER
  Marco Spano   ITA   38   BRONZE
  Robert Mallon   GBR   37   4 th
Barebow Women            
  Elenora Strobbe   ITA   50   GOLD
  Christine Gauthé   FRA   43   SILVER
  Monika Jentges   GER   54   BRONZE
  Andrea  Raigel   AUT   36   4 th
Barebow Men            
  Pasi Ahjokivi   FIN   57   GOLD
  Giuseppe Seimandi   ITA   55   SILVER
  Sergio Massimo Cassiani   ITA   50   BRONZE
  Bobby Larsson   SWE   48   4 th
Recurve Junior Women            
  Zoé  Göbbels   BEL   44   GOLD
  Elena Morabito   ITA   42   SILVER
  Ana Umer   SLO   43   BRONZE
  Heather Trafford   USA   38   4 th
Recurve Junior Men            
  Jarrod Nicholson   AUS   49   GOLD
  Marco Morello   ITA   48   SILVER
  Florian Dorer   GER   51   BRONZE
  Fabien Cochin   FRA   48   4 th
Recurve Women            
  Christine Bjerendal   SWE   53   GOLD
  Naomi Folkard   GBR   45   SILVER
  Jessica Tomasi   ITA   51   BRONZE
  Elena  Richter   GER   49   4 th
Recurve Men            
  Alan Wills   GBR   54   GOLD
  Jon Shales   GBR   51   SILVER
  Sebastian Rohrberg   GER   56   BRONZE
  Michele Frangilli   ITA   54   4 th
Compound Junior Women            
  Emeline Salmon   FRA   56   GOLD
  Hunter  Jackson   USA   51   SILVER
  Anastasia Anastasio   ITA   56   BRONZE
  Fanni Bognar   HUN   47   4 th
Compound Junior Men            
  Sean Elza   USA   61   GOLD
  Florian Oswald   GER   60   SILVER
  Alex Bridgman   GBR   62   BRONZE
  Adam Gallant   USA   60   4 th
Compound Women            
  Anne Lantee   FIN   60   GOLD
  Isabell Danielsson   SWE   58   SILVER
  Gladys Willems   BEL   58   BRONZE
  Françoise Volle   FRA   56   4 th
Compound Men            
  Dave Cousins   USA   65   GOLD
  Kevin Wilkey   USA   61   SILVER
  Jeremie Thierry   FRA   63   BRONZE
  Rod Menzer   USA   61   4 th

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