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Thursday, September 15th 2011

Program in Cavriglia (Agriturismo La Forra)

09:30 - 13:00 1st elimination round 12 targets - known distances

14:00 - 16:00 2nd elimination round 8 targets - known distances


EC Italy LogoImpression of the day:

We concluded the elimination rounds today on a very hot course. The morning was doable, but I did not envy the archers that shot the second elimination round today. We had the start at 2.30 for the second elimination round, and both courses felt like an oven. Without wind the area warmed up all right during the heat of the day, and with the humidity everybody got sweaty and slippy. For a photographer it might be annoying, but for an archer that knows he need to finish with the best four in his division things are different. I cannot imagine how you can cope with these conditions. I mean, stress and high temperatures typically prevent you from performing well. And except for the recurve women (well done ladies) the scores for the second elimination round averaged lower than the first elimination round.

Harsh shooting conditions didn't prevent the people in the field from having an enjoyable afternoon. It is too soon to reflect back to this week, but these past few days I hardly met people in the field trying to create one of those infamous target-archery-in-the-zone-bubbles around them to "focus" on the match. No, people complained about the heat (understandable) but were most of all enjoying a good day out in the open shooting a field course. People were communicating, helping each other out, and got serious when it mattered: during shooting and taking down scores. A group of lady compound archers also got serious this afternoon when they were quick enough to stop a buttress that was about to roll of the hill with four of their arrows still in it. While pulling the arrows, the buttress came of its post and gravity nearly created a problem for them. And in the morning session four archers needed to start a tug of war with target number 12 in the blue course in order to persuade it to give back the arrow from Neil Wakelin. The archers won, by the way.

Looking at the results we see that the ruling barebow world champion Pasi Ahjokivi did not make the cut. Pasi told me that these championships were actually quite okay for him, considering the fact he was bothered by target panic during the whole season. After the morning session we had a barebow shoot off on an 80 centimeter target at maximum (50 meter) distance. The nasty part about the target was that it was a downhill shot (but did not look like that), which makes your barebow arrow travel a lot further and both gentlemen ended up shooting high at that target. Marjan Podrzaj shot a high 3, Karl-Heinz Klauter a high 2, so Marjan advanced to the second elimination round. In the afternoon we had no shoot offs at all and since we had none for the teams and none after the qualification rounds we might hit an all-time low number of shoot offs during a championship.

Tomorrow we will shoot the team event at the Crossdromo Miravalle, a motor cross park. Bike riders typically don't like trees, so there will be a lack of shade there (other than in the stands). The judges have checked the course earlier this week and told me it is a very nice course with lots of up and downhill shots from the cross ramps. I'm looking forward to it.




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