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EC Italy 2013
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Saturday, September 17th 2011
Program in Montevarchi (City Stadium)

Individual finals

09:30 Semi finals - 4 targets - known distances

followed by: Bronze medal matches - 4 targets - known distances

followed by: Gold medal matches - 4 targets - known distances

followed by: Medal ceremony Team Competition and Individual Competition

20:00 Closing party in Town Center

EC Italy LogoImpression of the day:

We concluded the Championships today in Montevarchi Stadium. The championships were part of all kinds of sports activities organized during this week in the area, and a couple of classes of the participating schools joined us this morning. If I heard correctly about six thousand times, they cheered for Italy ;) Although the field was flat, supposedly since soccer players like that, it was not like the organization tossed a couple of field targets on a football field and be done with it. The field of play was nicely dressed with plants and small trees and that gave (other than the shooting) a sort of a Field atmosphere to it.

German coach Karl-Heinz Bode had a sore throat at the end of the day, since he had a lot of cheering to do and it helped. He was by far the most successful coach today: with six matches in the semifinals, all six went through to the finals competing for the gold. The German team grossed 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the afternoon. With the two gold medals for the teams yesterday, Germany ranked number 1 in the medal standings after this tournament. The coach was not bothered a whole lot about his sore throat with that result. One silver medal deserves a special mention. Silke Höttecke had a lot of problems this season and up until a month ago she refused to go to Italy. She practically had her arm twisted and be dragged by the ears to this tournament. And not only she had a very enjoyable week, it also was "sehr ehrfolgreich" with a gold team medal and todays silver medal. Other than that, there's a lot of fresh (young) blood in the German team. I think these youngsters will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

In our opinion, the prize for the best sportsmanship goes to Christine Bjerendal. She was so happy for Elena Richter to get the gold in the Ladies Recurve division, one would nearly forget that could only happen since she lost that particular gold medal match. It proves her being a great sportswoman that could be exemplary to everyone.

On a final note, it was a pleasure seeing Eleonora Strobbe from Italy performing during this tournament and winning it. She is working so hard with her barebow and so steady at the aim, it really paid off. I never saw her complaining once, never second guessing her arrows, and she was very focused during her trip through the finals, now and then giving a modest smile left and right from under her umbrella shading against the sun. She is going to be a hard nut to crack if another lady wants to take the gold in Val d'Isère next year during the 2012 World Championships Field Archery in France.




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