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Tuesday, August 14th 2012


09:00-12:00: Accreditation at Club des Sports

10:00-15:00: Official practice at the field at La Daille

10:00-14:00: Equipment Inspection

15:00-16:00: Team Captains' meeting at Club des Sports

18:00-19:00: Opening Ceremony in the Centre of Val d’Isere Olympic avenue

Meeting point: in front of the post office for the parade

19:00: Welcome drink for all delegations and participants


Impression of the day:

Except for Uruguay, we saw every represented country on the practice field today. In their official outfits, which is always a colorful sight on the shooting line. The archers have every distance available in the field at the ready for practicing, so there are targets at five meter (a barebow only distance) and 60 meters and at all the five meter intervals between those two distances. And some distances had more than one target, so everybody was able to tune their bows. We are at 1800 meters here in Val d'Isère (6000 feet) and some compound archers claimed that made their arrows fly a bit faster. Or it was the wind. In any case, they had lots of opportunity to tinker with their sights and tune it to the local timezone and altitude. And get sunburned whilst doing it.

We didn't hear any details about the equipment inspection, and I did not notice any commotion, so I think it is a safe bet to say there weren't any irregularities to report about. Just the usual: archers with lame or worn off arrow markings (ones name or initials have to be readable on the shaft), all the binoculars, barebow tabs and compound draw weights were thoroughly inspected, and there was some discussion about what a proper outfit for a world champion archer was. Apparently preferably not in jeans.

At five in the afternoon the archers assembled for the opening ceremony at the post office. A samba band set the mood and the archers paraded through the town. Since there is basically only one main street in Val d'Isère (D902), that obviously attracted quite a bit of spectators to the parade. The archers were grouped by country on that street after the parade, we had the usual speeches, and, new and in line with what we saw during the olympics, the archers and judges took an oath with the flag. No coaches however, so they can cheat while watching the competition from a distance :) After the ceremony, the archers were offered a welcome drink and the samba band played some more. And after the samba band was done, the stage was used for group photos by several nations (and the Fins came up with an interesting alternative to that routine).

A first ever was a spectacular 10 minute show of fireworks at 10:30 at night here. Some of the archers were very honored by it, but I have to admit the occasion was not the start of the world championships field archery. It merely coincided with Maria's Assumption, which is tomorrow, August 15th. In any case, we are ready here to start the first qualifying match tomorrow. We are looking forward to it. And if the Internet in the hotel would have been working, this article would actually be online yesterday. Sorry about that.




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