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Wednesday, August 15th 2012


Fields at La Daille
1st Qualification Round 24 targets

08:00-09:00: Practice

9:30: Start of the groups to the targets

10:00-16:00: unmarked distances


Impression of the day:

Today we started a little bit earlier on the practice field for the warm up. And at that time, these huge mountains around us cast a shadow on the training field. And that made it quite a bit colder this morning. So, we saw archers with gloves on, shivering. And just when the row calling started, the sun made it over the mountaintop and warmed us up.  We finally got to see the courses that were laid out here in Val d'Isère for this championship.  There are three courses, and I will refer to them by the nicknames they got. The barebowers started on the Mountain course, the compound archers on the Prairie course, and the recurvers shot the Waterpark. I walked all three of them, although I have to admit that I only walked the Waterpark for a small part because I ran out of time.

The Mountain course was steep to walk, and not only that, was also technically difficult. The barebowers climbed one ski slope, got down, climbed another ski slope and got down again. Another thing is that in the afternoon (at least for the last couple of days) the wind picks up quite a bit. Since ski slopes are by nature open (rather nasty for skiers to ski right through a forest), wind is quite a bother in the terrain. It blew up the ski slopes, and when the terrain narrowed, it did all sorts of nasty wind tunneling stuff to the arrows.

The Prairie for the compound archers was easy to walk, had some nasty dark versus light shooting places, and one shot alongside the water that was a bit tricky with the wind in the afternoon. Furthermore, the course builders used buttresses fit for the target. In other words: the amount of uncovered foam next to the targetface, looked the same for a 60 and 80 centimeter target. Quite a few archers had problems with this and mistook a 60 cm target for 80 cm and vice versa. Other than that, it was just a matter of good "estimating" and good shooting. I spoke compound archers that did not need to compensate for a downward or upward angle at any of the targets. And they were disappointed with that. They expected more of a challenge in a World Championship.

The Waterpark had water flowing all over the course, not deep, but wet, cascades, running streams, truly a stunning environment. The only thing lacking were the rides. You know, like going down slides, descending a waterfall on an inflatable "8" dinghy with two people, stuff like that. Shooting in this course was a bit trickier than The Prairie. And also the recurve archers in this course struggled a bit with picking the right target face and mixing up the 60 and 80 centimeter ones. One archer however told me he missed some extreme long shots that would have been possible to add to the course.

I'm typing this in the Roxy, a hamburger bar that also has Wifi, and I am hogging the net there. Sorry customers (the Americans, the Dutch team, the Argentinian team and the Germans, all opting for the healthy food here). Desperately trying to upload all my material before the shop closes down. As I wrote yesterday, the Internet in my hotel is down, and today being an official holiday, the people from the telco company won't be fixing the problem until tomorrow morning. So, sorry for the delay, we're struggling a bit. I might check out the World Archery Office tomorrow and see if I can unload some material in the early afternoon. 

Tomorrow the recurve archers will climb The Mountain, barebow archers will walk The Prairie, and the compound archers will be in the Waterpark. I am not sure if we're able to get a lot from the recurve archers. There's only so much mountain one can climb without falling to pieces. I would hate to be a judge in that course :)




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