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Thursday, August 16th 2012


Fields at La Daille

2nd Qualification round 24 targets

08:00-09:00: Practice

09:30: Start of the groups to the targets

10:00–16:00: marked distances

Impression of the day:

We completed the second day of qualification today in Val d'Isère. We had quite a few recurve archers running into trouble on the Mountain course. The first and second day of competition actually counts as one competition phase. So, archers that received a time warning yesterday had that transferred to their scorecards for today. And some archers received a second time warning today and needed to keep good track of their timing at the targets. If you receive a third time warning, you will lose the points for the highest scoring arrow on that target. So, a few archers were on their toes for the last few targets.

We started the day by the way with a bit of rain, more like droplets, and at about 10:30 the sun came out. If it wasn't for me browsing my pictures at the end of the day, I would have almost forgotten it started out that wet. It was, again, a beautiful day for shooting field. Not too warm, and sunshine in all three courses. I checked up briefly on the recurve archers, who had the joy of doing the long distances on the Mountain course. Boy, did they have fun. At one target they stood out of the wind on the side of a ski slope, shooting across it to the 55 meter target on the other end. And at about two meters from the shooting peg, the wind picked up their arrows and pushed it to any other direction than the yellow. And that describes just one target out of 23. A steep course, lots of wind, long distances, bright sun, yeah, they were having fun.

The barebowers had the Prairie today. Things went swiftly on that course. Easy to walk, okay to shoot, there was only one minor problem with the arrow rest from Andreja Izgorsek's bow. The Slovenian coach rushed in, and fixed it within the allowed time for an equipment failure. The judges let other groups overtake the group Andreja was in whilst waiting for this fix, so nothing piled up there.

The compound archers were in the Waterpark today. It really is a stunning course. Most of my pictures from today were in that course, and it was really the most scenic course I have ever seen. Water is coming from all kinds of places, flowing inch thick over a greater part of the course, lots of streams cascading down the terrain and a stunning view on the mountains around us. I spoke with Dominique, who is here making pictures for the FFTA, and we both agreed that we could easily take all the pictures for next year's calendar in that course. Well, maybe not for the month of December, since it lacked snow. I hope the pictures I took will do it some justice. Apart from the scenic aspects and where shooting is concerned, the course is very doable. Well, there was this one bunny target where a tree was a bit annoyingly in the middle, and some groups preferred to shoot it one archer at the time. And a little after that target a steepish long shot downwards, that took quite some time to retrieve the arrows. We had a bit of a pile up before that target.

It would be odd to go into detail over the results in this impression so I hope you would forgive me if I just refer to the results and congratulate those that made the cut. Those that did will shoot the elimination rounds tomorrow. We shift courses one more time: the compound archers will enjoy the Mountain course in Val d'Isère, recurve archers will walk the Prairie, whilst the barebowers shoot the Waterpark.




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