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Saturday, August 18th 2012


Fields at La Daille - Team Event

09:00–9:45: Senior teams warm up
10:00-12:00: Senior Teams Quarterfinals – 8 targets
10:30-11:15: Junior Teams warm up
11:30-12:30: Junior Teams Semifinals – 4 targets
13:00-14:00: Senior Teams Semifinals – 4 targets

Fields at Bellevarde - Team Medal Matches

13:30-13:50: Junior warm up
14:00-15:00: Junior Teams Medal Matches – 4 targets
15:00-15:20: Senior Warm up
15:20-17:00: Teams Medal Matches – 4 targets
(all targets at marked distances)
Followed by Medal Ceremony


Impression of the day:

We shot the team finals in Val d'Isère this Saturday. The morning started around a new course that was laid out around the ski train that goes through the mountain here. We started with eight teams and eliminating four, then we shot the matches to decide who would shoot for the gold medal and would for the bronze, and after that, we moved shop to the Bellevarde ski slope for the finals.

The mountains gave some serious problems for the course builders and this final course. Well, rather the ground: they could hardly drive the pegs into the ground for the recurve posts. Those posts were at the end of the slope, so all targets were not only at max distance (as is the format for the finals), but also at an angle up the mountain. And to make matters worse, at the time we shot the finals, the sun was pretty much straight in your face when aiming for the targets up the slope. Needless to say that quite a few archers had problems with all the stress factors combined.

The most impressive moment of the day was without a doubt the way how the match between the French men's team and the Italian team ended. A match for the bronze, the Italians already shot, and the arrows from the French recurve archer and compound archer were already in the target. The barebower was up and needed a six to win, and a five to tie. A shot, fifty meters up, sideways on the slope, that decent barebow archers from other teams shooting previously from that post have even missed earlier today. Olivier Roy gave the target a mean look, draw his arrow and shot a six, winning the bronze for France. Incroyable.

Well, you might have seen this very moment, or watch reruns of it. Achery.tv is here to televise the event. On one hand, that is very nice and surely adds to promoting and professionalizing our sport. On the other hand, the finals take a long time, since only one final at the time is up the slopes at the four targets. Because that is the only way the tv crew is able to make a registration of these finals. If you intend to come to the Bellevarde ski slope to view the individual finals tomorrow, bring sunscreen, an umbrella to be in the shade, and a chair.




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