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EC Italy 2013
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Tuesday, August 27th 2013

1st Qualification round

09.30 - 24 targets unmarked distances (2 fields)

EC Italy LogoImpression of the day:

We have pictures in the album from Barebow archer Sebastian Juanola Codina on crutches and a white foot. That has nothing to do with something that happened here in Italy. Sebastian had a motor cycle accident last week (oil on the road), and made a nasty fall. His talus bone (the pointy bit on your ankle) is cleanly shaved off and not healed yet. Putting pressure on it hurts like hell, but Sebastian wanted to shoot here. Because if he doesn't shoot, Spain does not have a team. So he is here. Period. And he shot the first match of the qualification round ending 5th with 344 points. It is hard to kick ass when on crutches, but he somehow managed to do just that. Mi más profundo respeto.

The mountains around us are at the edges more like hills than mountains in the sense that they lack steep cliffs et al. So, given the terrain, the angling of the targets was about the maximum the course builders could achieve. Well, I saw a few opportunities where a little bit steeper angle could have been achieved, but not much. Some archers love the challenge and steep angles, and they claimed it needed to be more extreme. Others described the qualification courses as decent, good footing, and nice to shoot. In any case, the direction signs in the course were one of the best I have seen. Good visible clues as to where to head next were all over the place. And it must have been hard to get them all in. Earlier this week I saw someone putting a post in the ground, and they drilled a hole with a jackhammer first…

The metrological information from yesterday turned out to be incorrect about the timing of the rain, but we did get rain. In the afternoon, and a lot. The gathering area where all the team captains were standing by (with spare bows and other equipment) flooded, and a river ran through the tent. A dog used one of the puddles as a private pool and the archers were sulked in the woods. And because they left this morning with a clear blue sky, some of them tossed their raingear out of their backpacks. Bad decision. I completed photography in the yellow course, and was in the blue course when it started to drizzle a little bit. I headed back to the tent in the gathering area to keep my equipment dry. And when I arrived there, it really, realy started to pour. Thunder in the distance, and tropical rains around us. For about three quarters of an hour, and then it was okay. Well, unless you got wet. It was 19 degrees Celsius and about 80 percent humidity. Not the best conditions to shoot the last 4 or 6 targets if you did not bring a decent jacket. But hey, they made it. You can check the scores at Ianseo's website. And on a final note, congratulations to Teun Goossens for shooting a silver arrow head here.




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