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EC Italy 2013
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Saterday, August 31st 2013

Individual finals 09:30 -- 4 marked targets (1 field)

18:30 -- Awards Ceremony for Team and individuals at the "World Archery European Village"

Closing ceremony

Gala dinner and closing of the "World Archery European Village"

EC Italy LogoImpression of the day:

The course for the finals was at yet another place: Carsulae. It is an archeological site, now one of the most important archeological ruins in Italy. Most historians believe it has been founded around 300 BC, but gained some serious growth when a Roman road, the Via Flaminia, was built in 220 BC. Unfortunately the final course was on a flat field. Originally the plan was to shoot from and around the structures here and get some decent angles at the targets, but permission was not granted to use the monuments for our fine sport. Luckily on the last moment, it was made possible to have the final target (the 80 centimeter at 50 or 60 meters) within the Arco di Traiano (also the Arch of San Damiano), that needed to be shot straight from the middle of the Via Flaminia. 21st century high tech bows, shot from a 2000 year old road, which had the two thousands of years old marks of the ruts (traces of carts) in the stone.

It was hot today (30 degrees), and a bit windy, and that made the targets rather tricky to shoot. But target archers would have done fine here, with the only discomfort being the faces not hanging with the middle at 130 centimeters above the ground. But I should stop ranting about that, not every final is like Hungary or Val d'Isère or others where … Oh, wait, I should stop ranting. Let us conclude with saying the last target was truly wonderful, both because of the historic location and the slight downhill.

The day itself worked out like clockwork: nice practice field, great viewing areas, a good amount of shade (for the spectators that is), and the organization was kind enough to have a small refreshment stall with coffee and very decent panini and even ice cream. And other than that, interesting finals for this European Championship, what more could a fan wish for on a sunny day in Umbria. At the time I write this, we're desperately trying to upload our photos from today to the website, but since the price giving ceremony starts in an hour in the locally build Archery Village in Terni, I'm not sure we are able to make it. Obviously we want to be at that ceremony, and after that rub shoulders with a large number of champions during the after party, that immediately follows the prize giving ceremony. An odd feeling; it will be the very first time we are with a camera at a closing party. It's not part of the competition, so we will not be photographing there.

See you all next year during the 2014 World Championships Field Archery. My bet is the World Championships will be held in the United States (in Washington State), but congres still needs to vote on that one. The next European Championships (2015) will be in Slovenia.




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