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Tuesday, August 19th 2014


08:30-12:00    Accreditation – Westin Hotel Zagreb

10:00-15:00    Official practice field – Park Maksimir (Suisse Medow)

10:00-10:30    Opening Ceremony

10:30-14:00    Equipment Inspection

14:30-15:30   Team Captains’ meeting at Westin Hotel Zagreb

WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

Today we started with the opening ceremony. On behalf of the archers, Ivana Buden took the oath, and on behalf of the Judges, Hannah Brown did the same. No fireworks, no local dance groups, no fuzz. Just the oaths and a decent welcome by Chris Marsh, World Archery Event Manager. The archers appreciated it, since they were anxious to get things going at the official training in Zagreb. And with all the archers present, it was packed. Well, I did not check the latest information with the local organization, but I did not miss anybody. So, there's 249 archers and 24 practice targets, you do the math. But, like yesterday, the Director of Shooting on the practice field ran a tight ship, and most people simply waited a round, and then took a place at the line while the previous group was retrieving arrows. With quick successive rounds it is not hard to sit one end out waiting for a spot.

The Norwegian team had a bit of a boring morning. Their bows did not arrive with their plane, so they could not train nor do the material inspection. Their bows had a sleepover in Amsterdam. Which is not a bad idea actually, but somewhat annoying when you need your stuff in a different country. Luckily their bows arrived today at about two o'clock and the organization decided the Norwegians could do a practice round after the regular end time of the official practice. So they could shoot from 3 pm until 5.30 pm. Lots of space! Just five archers doing their thing. A great opportunity for fresh mug shots and do some reading. And since the judges already hit the road, checking courses and preparing for tomorrow, the Norwegian material inspection will be tomorrow morning before the first qualification round.

Speaking about the material inspection, the judges were rather anal about the inside of the risers today. If there were any blemishes, dents from misnocking arrows or lettering, it had to be taped off. The archers did not appreciate it at all, but the idea behind it is sound. Most archers claimed you cannot see anything anyway on the riser when at full draw. However, if you stick your bow out, markings on the inside of the riser can help you figuring out the angle to the target. So, when shooting target, this is a rule that is rarely given a second thought, but in field it is a different matter altogether. The end result was that everybody was taping like mad, frantically applying it to about every third riser that made it to the judges. Another issue was a sight that the judges did not see before. They wanted to check if it was custom made or something that is on sale in regular bow shops. It turned out to be the latter and the sight passed. A third issue was extra markings on sights and I saw a couple of barebow archers cleaning their tabs but I did not find out if that was something that needed to be tended to or by instruction of the judges. Other than that, no special things came out of the inspection.

The early morning opening ceremony resulted in a free afternoon (except for Norwegians) and a free evening. About 90 percent of the archers stay in the Westin Hotel and they saw some sights (those without scales). It gave us a chance to update the mugshot album and we added our fresh additions to it, and copied photos from Terni in 2013 and from the previous World Champions in Val d'Isère 2012. Well, unless we thought our photo material was really outdated and the archer in question changed too much since then.

The weather forecast for tomorrow predicts rain and a chance of a thunderstorm. At the moment of writing, the guess work by the experts is that this is later in the afternoon. We all hope the rain starts after we complete the first qualification round. Never mind the archers, one of my cameras is not waterproof :)




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