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Wednesday, August 20th 2014


Park Maksimir

1st Qualification Round – 24 targets

08:00-09:00    Practice

09:30-            Calling of the groups

10:00-16:00    Unmarked distances

WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

I was mistaken yesterday about us being complete in Zagreb. The team from Turkey did not make it to Zagreb and do not compete. Their intention was to compete with two male archers, and those two subtracted make the total number of archers 246. The morning started with the delayed material inspection for Norway and a recheck of the swing bars on some recurve bows and a revisited check on markings on the inside of the riser of a compound bow. Well, I already told you the judges were extremely picky about that specific part of the rulebook, and they added to it.

After the warming up the archers were brought to the gathering area, assembled by course. Compound shot the red course (number 1), recurve the blue (number 2) and barebow the green course (number 3). Just before the archers were send off, bug repellent spray was handed out by the local organization. And that was about the smartest idea I have ever seen during a field tournament. Not to mention a godsend, since all three courses were mosquito infested and the archers sure got to use the stuff.  

Another infestation had to do with the park visitors. On numerous occasions the shooting had to stop because the usual visitors to the park crossed the barriers and red and white tape with their bikes and dogs. "Oh", said one dog walker, "I thought they were doing some maintenance to the trees today." Sure. It might be the last thought you will ever have, buddy. So, judges and additional volunteers were having a hard time steering everybody away from their favorite pastime in the park. On the other hand, you can't blame the organization: it's bound to happen in a popular park. And Maksimir Park is popular. Established at the end of the 18th century on the outskirts of Zagreb, it is now completely surrounded by the town and attracts a heck of a lot of visitors. Even next to the practice field is a favorite spot of a group of seniors that are playing cards in between the trees every day. "See", they said, "that is our table over there and we play cards. We don't care about your rope and fences. Jebi ga! Our table."

I walked the green course with barebowers in the morning, and they compared it to the 'walk in the park course' from Val d'Isere. Flat, very little angled shots and good footing. In the afternoon I walked part of the red course with the compound archers. Until it started to rain at about 2.30 pm. Apparently the recurve archers in the blue course had the most technical course, a course that will be visited by the compound archers tomorrow. The Swedish coach radiated after the competition: numbers one, two and three a Swedish barebow male. In the Compound Men division Jesse Broadwater was on a roll: he scored 425 points in this unmarked round, dropping only 7 times the X in this course. And the same kind of domination in this division: numbers one, two and three from the United States. In the Recurve Woman division German archer Lisa Unruh dominated, with 370 points, she scored 19 points more than number two Elena Richter. Number three here is not from Germany: Irene Franchini from Italy scored 347. In the Barebow Women division Elisabeth Grube from Austria was disqualified. She brought a photocopy of her barebow tab into the field with distance markings written on it. The judges ruled this as written memoranda and illegal for a barebow archer to carry into the field. In the Barebow Junior Men division Alessio Noceti dominated the competition, scoring 330 points, beating number two Craig McGreery by 12 points.

Tomorrow we will shoot the marked round. All extreme scoring aside, the main goal in this qualification round is to make it to the cut. Though I must admit it will be a lot more likely if you drop just 7 X-es in the unmarked round…




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