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Thursday, August 21st 2014


Park Maksimir

2nd Qualification Round – 24 targets

08:00-09:00    Practice

09:30-             Calling of the groups

10:00-16:00    Marked distances

WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

Today started with a loud crack during the practice round. It turned out to be the catering van, veering out for a parked car, drove over a barebow. Oops. It was Alessio Noceti's bow and the van totally destroyed one of its limbs. Alessio panicked. Luckily his riser was still okay and other barebow archers jumped to the rescue. If they could help out with a spare limb set maybe? It turned out that Alessio had a spare set, and the technician of the Italian team, Daniele Bellotti, is also Alessio's club coach. He managed to settle down Alessio a little bit, and the Italians scrambled together to compile a new bow with the same brace height and as much identical characteristics as his original now broken bow as possible. Fortunately Alessio still had some time to check his makeshift setup during the remaining practice time. And although at the end of the day Alessio told me he was not very pleased with his score, I think he shot a very decent 302 in the marked course. He shot the best score in the Junior Men Barebow division on both days.

The weather is often a subject in these daily impressions. Last night we had seen quite a bit of rain and thunder. For today the meteorological guessperts predicted rain in the morning. With a high probability even. Everybody was geared up and prepared for the worst. But as it turned out, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. No rain. We had a wet and rather slippery forest because of the rainfall during the night, but other than that it was a beautiful day for a field archery match. Nice temperatures, just a tad humid. And those targets that stand much farther away on a marked course. That was a problem too.

At target two in the barebow course, the archers saw a squirrel rushing through the trees, dropping unripe walnuts on the archers. I guess the critter hates archers coming to his park. His diversion tactic didn't work out that well for him today, I'm afraid. They kept coming, in groups of four.

Barebow archer Erik Jonsson from Sweden struggled with his release today. After finishing first yesterday, he shot the 13 best score today ending ranked fourth. Ending first was Martin Ottosson with a combined score of 708, his third score over 700 points ever. Not a bad place to peak…

In the Recurve Junior Women division, the name Laura Baldelli from Italy stands out. From the web I learned she was a more than a decent fita archer, but she is on fire in this field. She ranked first after two days and shot today 23 points more than number two archer Karissa Yamaguchi from the USA. Laura would have made the cut if she would have been competing in the senior division ranking at number 10.

And finally the Men Compound's number 1 ranked archer, Jesse Broadwater. He shot the same score as yesterday, 425 points. I spoke with him today and he said he actually shot a four yesterday. So while I wrote he dropped 7 X-es, in reality it was only 6 times. And with the same score today, his two day total was 850 points. Amazing. The top (USA) three did not change in this division, although Dave Cousins went from place three to place number two, and Steve Anderson from place two to place three.  Ranked number four is Sander Dolderman from the Netherlands, scoring 820 points over two days.

Tomorrow will be a very long day. We will shoot the eighth finals, quarter finals and semi finals and plan to be ready at around 6 pm. I hope I will be able to do regular photo updates from the field, like I was able to do today. It is a public (temporary) wifi network however, and I reckon a lot of Facebook statuses need updating tomorrow.




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