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Friday, August 22nd 2014


Park Maksimir
Individual Elimination Round 1

08:00-08:45    Practice

09:00-             Calling of the groups

09:30-12:00    12 marked targets

12:00-13:00    Lunch

Individual Elimination Round 2 and Semi-finals

13:30-15:30    8 marked targets

16:00-18:00    Individual Semifinals – 4 targets

WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

Well, except for the finals, we're done with the individual tournament. And boy, it was a long day indeed. I wonder how much effect this actually has on the scores. I know, it is nice to end this day with just the finals left for next Sunday, but this format sure has an effect on our photographer. And he is only pulling 3.5 pounds of camera on the right hand side, and 2 pounds on the left hand side. Might it be that Barebow archer Michael Fischer from Australia would have stand a better chance against Martin Ottosson? Michael has a shoulder injury from lifting stuff out of a van, Martin did not crash land himself during kitesurfing like last year and is what you might call top fit. And yes, I know having the stamina to perform well during a long day is part of performing high level archery, but still. Would there be six points between these archers when this match was shot on Sunday? Another issue is that it is quite a burden on the course builders, though I must admit they were smart by just eliminating targets every next round. Which had another disadvantage since the archers got familiar with the terrain and the targets therein, and the judges saw the same faces today (and I don't mean the black and yellow ones). In any case, the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages since we 'do' this format since what, 2010?

Today we saw the second disqualification during this tournament. Yesterday, an archer in the Junior Compound Men division made an unfortunate error in scoring and paid an expensive lesson. It was hard to get a quote about this being the first tournament ever with two disqualifications. Nobody is really eager to make things bigger than they are and have him or her adding opinion to the facts. So, while being careful in my wording as well, it is not like our sport is going down the drain or our archers are cutting corners. Far from it. I think our sport is professionalizing, and with that comes more rules and less leeway. Compared to sailing we're beginners in that respect. Even before a race has actually started, the judges usually received a handful of protests to have a ruling about. If competition is tight, we need to make sure everyone has the same chance of winning a tournament. With that comes a decent rulebook and sticking to it.

In my hotel a German journalist arrived today. And he was not happy after today's finals. Only recurve woman Lisa Unruh made it to the individual finals on Sunday. Elena Richter lost her shoot off against Austrian archer Laurance Baldauff (who did not make it to the finals), Compound archers Henning Lüpkemann and Jens Asbach did not make it to the cut for the first eight, nor did Katharina Landrock or Ulrike Koini, Ulrike in the Barebow division. Marcus Laube ended sixth, Yannick Schütz seventh, and Sebastian Rohrberg, a familiar face in many recurve field archery finals in previous years, ended 16th, his fellow countrymen Pascal Forster finishing 15th and Thomas Zilinski 14th. Barebow archer Meik Fekeler ended 26th. Too bad and quite unusual for the German team. I can only hope for a small miracle in the team event tomorrow. And, come to think of it, I think the Dutch could use a similar amount of miracle. They too have only one archer in Sunday's finals: Barebow Junior Mike Cleven. He is competing for the bronze against Johan Priklonsky from Sweden. Sunday. First we will shoot the team event tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it. More flags! More spectacle! Više pirotehnika!



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