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Saturday, August 23rd 2014


Park Maksimir – Finals venue

07:30-08:30    Senior teams warm up
09:00-11:00    Senior Teams Quarterfinals – 8 targets
09:00-09:45   Junior Teams warm up
10:00-11:00    Junior Teams Semifinals – 4 targets
11:15-12:15    Senior Teams Semifinals – targets

Team Medal Matches – 4 targets
All targets are marked distances

14:40-15:10    Junior Warm up
16:20-16:40    Junior Boys Team Bronze Medal match
16:40-17:00    Junior Boys Team Gold Medal match

16:30-16:50    Senior Warm up
17:00-17:20    Women Team Bronze Medal match
17:20-17:40    Women Team Gold Medal match
17:40-18:00    Men Teams Bronze Medal match
18:00-18:20    Men Teams Gold Medal match
Followed by Medal Ceremony

WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

It was a tough day out there in Maksimir Park in Zagreb. We started the team event in the rain, then we had some more rain, and eventually we shot the finals… in the rain. The temperature wasn't all that bad, there was hardly any wind, and the rain was like a kind of steady drizzle. If you need to perform in the wet, not only your tab is behaving differently in the rain, it also slows things down, since the water is on your limbs and possibly in the pockets of your riser. With compound this is much less of an issue, but they have the problem of the scope fogging up or less visibility because of droplets on the scope. The morning session was over eight targets in a part of the park were course one used to be. It involved a bit of climbing as well, and that was a bit tricky on the slippery slopes.

We had not enough teams to have a Junior Women Team, and in the Junior Men team, Poland decided not to compete, so all junior teams advanced to the semifinal. Great Britain beat the USA in the semis, and Italy beat Sweden. In the final, the boys from Great Britain then clinched to gold against Italy and the USA took the bronze leaving Sweden empty handed. Here's a link to that result translated into the podium at the end of the day.

The amount of miracle distributed to the Dutch and German teams did not suffice in the Women Team event. Both were eliminated in the quarter finals, and so were Slovenia and France. In the semifinals Sweden beat Italy, and Austria was on a roll against Great Britain. They scored 58 points, the best score in the semifinals, and kept up the pace with 57 points in the final match against Sweden, winning the gold with four more points than the Swedes. Great Britain outwitted Italy by just one point in the match for the bronze. This is what the podium for Women Teams looked like.

In the Men Team event, Spain, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands were knocked out of the tournament in the quarter finals. In the semifinals, the USA beat Sweden and France beat Italy. Italy than took the bronze in the match against Sweden. In the match for the gold, the USA started strong against France at the bunny at maximum distance. All American archers scored the maximum of 6 points. They kept that advantage and added some more. Jesse Broadwater scoring the maximum of 6 points at all targets might have set the tone for the compound finals tomorrow. The end result in the match for the gold was 62 points for the USA, 55 points for France, and this was their podium.




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