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Sunday, August 24th 2014


Park Maksimir – Finals venue
Individual Medal Matches

08:00- 08:30   Practice
09:00-             Individual Medal Matches – 4 targets

17:00 (approximately) Medal Ceremony, Closing Ceremony with Closing Party at
Restaurant Maksimir


WC Croatia LogoImpression of the day:

You already saw the field were we shot the finals in yesterday's photo album. Though the judges were having their moment and they moved the posts a bit away from where they were yesterday. Those spots had a bit of a slippy footing after the previous matches in the rain. Furthermore they added some poles to the archers' positions on two targets that had their post on the slope. Not mandatory of course, but I have seen most archers use them for extra support.

There were only two little problems during the finals. One junior match was shot with the positions mixed up (left on right side and vice versa) and two people with dogs walking behind the last target. In the barebow final between Erik Jonsson and Martin Ottosson, the archers could not start shooting at target number four because of this. They had to wait a couple of minutes, were being directed to the shade by another smart judge, and two judges rushed behind the target to direct these dog walkers to a safe zone. After the match was resumed, Martin dropped quite a few points on this target. He claimed afterwards he had problems getting back in the flow. Erik on the other hand was rock solid on this target and claimed the gold medal in the barebow men division.

Another interesting match was the last one of the day. The compound men final between Chris White and Jesse Broadwater. We had wonderful weather all day, but during this last match autumn suddenly started in Zagreb. The wind picked up, leaves were blown out of the trees, and it even started to rain on the last target during their match. Jesse, who shot a flawless (one arrow on each target) round yesterday in the team final, dropped points, but so did Chris. The match ended in a tie between the archers and Jesse won the shoot off, clinching the gold.

We did shot ladies finals as well, but another memorable moment is yet again at a men's gold medal final. In the match between Brady Ellison and Jean-Charles Valladont, both archers tied until the last arrow. Then Brady shot a four, and I was sure Jean-Charles was about to clinch the match, since he had been shooting great this tournament and in this final as well. However, he also shot a four with his last arrow on target four. And Brady Ellison won the shoot off that followed, zagrebbing the gold medal here.

The archers rushed off to their hotels to change for the closing party, which started very early, at six. While I am typing this, I am still uploading our photo material from the afternoon. There was no Wifi coverage on the final field and I managed to upload the material from the junior championship at around 1 pm from the training field, but was only able to upload the afternoon material in my hotel. So, at the moment I am trying to do three things simultaneously. Enjoying a very good spaghetti carbonara in Vila Tina, write this final daily impression, and uploading the last pictures of the day. I hope I will make it back in time to the park to have a last toast with the archers before we wrap things up here in Zagreb.




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