Men's Junior Team results WC Hungary

Here are the unofficial results from the Men's Junior Team event.

Read the details of the Bronze and Gold Match

 Slovenia started the junior bronze medal final this afternoon! The first target had a very high angle at 40m for barebow and 45m for recurve and compound! The Slovenians started with 4-4-4, while the barebow Frenchmen had a 6 (!) and his teammates a 4 and 3. France led 13-12.

France was up first at the next target with distances of 10 and 15m. France was consistent with 4-5-5, while Slovenia did 4-6-4. France kept the lead 27-26.

France kept increase its lead on the third target (20-25m) with 4-4-5, while Slovenia had 4-3-5. Score was 40-38.

However, France opened the last arrow (high angle again at 50-60m) with 3-2-4! They gave the Slovenian a chance. The first Slovenian had 4 or 3, a 3 and a 4! The judges had to go check the last arrow! The 4 was confirmed and the score moved to 49-49! Shoot-off!

The shoot-off took place on the fourth target as well. Slovenia did 4-3-2 this time. France score 2-4 and a 4 ! Bronze medal for France!


The gold medal final was between Germany and Italy. Opening arrow for Germany was a 4 from the barebow shooter, then a 5 and a 5. The barebow from Italy did 3, the compound shot a perfect 6 and the recurve another 6! Italy led 15-14.

Italy continued with 5-5 and a 6. Germany did 4-6-5 on the short distance target. Italy increased the lead to 31-29.

DORER-OSWALD-ALTHOFF then shot on the third target at 20-25m and achieved 4-5-4. The Italians then shot 4-6-4 to increase their lead by one more point 45-42.

Unfortunately for Italy, the barebow shooter SPANO shot a miss in the last target. Then MUCCI did a 5 and MORELLO a 4. Germany had a chance to come back but could they take it? They started with 5, then a 4 and another 4. The No. 1 seed Germany pulled again a come-back victory, 55-54 !

Source : FITA  


      Men's Junior Teams                            
GER     GERMANY   round       Semi                
  B Frederik Althoff           finals       Gold        
  R Florian Dorer                   Medal        
  C Florian Oswald                   Match        
              GER   49                
                      GER   55       GOLD
HUN     HUNGARY                            
  B Botond Veres                            
  R Pal Csoregh   86                        
  C Zoltan Zsebok                            
              SLO   44                
SLO     SLOVENIA                            
  B Marko Berus                            
  R Ales Marinko   93                        
  C Aljaz Mavsar                            
ITA     ITALY                            
  B Marco Spano                            
  R Marco Morello                            
  C Francesco Mucci                            
              ITA   50                
                      ITA   54       SILVER
              FRA   49                
FRA     FRANCE                            
  B Raphaël Petit Minuesa                            
  R Fabien Cochin                            
  C Julien Boileau                            
                      SLO   49        
                              FRA   BRONZE
                      FRA   49