Women's Teams results WC Hungary

Here are the unofficial results from the Women's Team event.

Read the details of the Bronze and Gold Medal matches.

The bronze medal in the women category was played between Italy and France. The Italians started with 3-4-5. The French team did 2-4-1. A strong lead for Italy after the first target, 12-7.

France did a little better 3-6-4 in the second target but Italy was more consistent with 5-5-5. The Italians increased their lead 27-20.

Italy kept it consistent with 5-5-5, while GAUTHE-VOLLE-FERRIOU did 3-5-3. Italy kept flying, 42-31.

The French team finished honorably with 4-4-4, but the Italians had an easy way home. The World Games 2009 winner STROBBE did a 2, TELANI had 4 and the double world champion TOMASI ended the match with a 3. Final score 51-43.



Sweden and Germany played for the gold medal. Sweden started on the 40-45m target with 2-4-5, while Germany had 2-5-0. A four-point advantage for Sweden, 11-7.

Germany did better on the second target 4-6-6, while Sweden 2-6-5. Germany closed the gap at 23-24.

BJERENDAL-DANIELSSON-BJORKLUND continued with 4-6-4 on the third end, while the Germans kept shooting better with 6-5-6. Germany came from a 4-point deficit to a 2-point advantage, 40-38! 

 Source : FITA

      Women Teams                            
ITA     ITALY   round       Semi                
  B Elenora Strobbe           finals       Gold        
  R Jessica Tomasi   108               Medal        
  C Roberta Telani                   Match
              ITA   54                
JPN     JAPAN                            
  B Hiromi Takano                            
  R Momoko Ueno   100                        
  C Naomi Maeda                            
                      SWE   47       SILVER
SWE     SWEDEN                            
  B Lina Bjorklund                            
  R Christine Bjerendal   113                        
  C Isabell Danielsson                            
              SWE   58                
GBR     GREAT BRITAIN                            
  B Victoria Kalmaru                            
  R Amy Oliver   96                        
  C Lucy Holderness                            
GER     GERMANY                            
  B Monika Jentges                            
  R Elena  Richter   103                        
  C Ulrike Wiese                            
              GER   57                
AUT     AUSTRIA                            
  B Andrea  Raigel                            
  R Elisabeth  Grube   101                        
  C Petra Goebel                            
                      GER   50       GOLD
NED     NETHERLANDS                            
  B Sjan Dijck van                            
  R Inge Jong de   89                        
  C Inge Enthoven                            
              FRA   51                
FRA     FRANCE                            
  B Christine Gauthé                            
  R Carole Ferriou   110                        
  C Françoise Volle                            
                      ITA   51       BRONZE
                      FRA   43